Are You A Hashtag Harlot?

Are you a Hashtag Harlot? Perhaps I have used strong words. Please read on. I adopted it from a conversation we had about church harlots, loosely used to refer to those who never settle in one church but keep moving from one to the other in a futile attempt to find a perfect one. There’s no such a thing as a perfect community because we are flawed human beings.


The most interesting thing that happened to social media, according to me, is hashtags. I know you know what they are. Those posts that make use of the ‘#’ symbol. #I #Don’t #Mean #Using #Them #Like #This. Of course, I don’t expect everyone to know how to use hashtags. I think the creators were hoping that they come naturally. Nowadays, most of them don’t. If you are lucky, someone will start a Hashtag for a good cause. Or, it will be to organize their thoughts. I like the idea of organizing your thoughts especially on Twitter.
What I have observed over time is that sometimes some people just ‘fall in cups.’ They find a Hashtag that is Trending and jump on it without understanding a thing about the topic being discussed. I try, as much as possible, to get onto a Hashtag after careful thought.


Also, some of these things are nice to simply read and laugh at, but not get involved in them at all. Do not be a hashtag harlot. If you decide to have multiple partners, use protection. Protect your brand. But then, that’s the thing, a good number of newbies know nothing about building a perception that works for them. This is what good brands do. They are intentional about what conversations they get involved in and how it impacts their brand.

No. I am not going to start talking, or rather writing about brands.

If you ever send out more than 10 posts about something, make sure that your thoughts are clearly written and easy to comprehend and, or interesting enough. Doesn’t it work against the intention of communication when someone overwhelms you with information? This is why I recently tweeted about giving information in small doses that are easy to digest. What is the overall goal of your microbloging? Can you work step-by-step on a methodology that will help you achieve the overall goal.

I also perused through a friend’s time-line recently and all I saw was posts about one thing. I think there is a big problem here. There is a specific reason why people hit the follow button on Twitter. They thought that you had something intelligent to say or expected you to give them just enough of your random musings, or professional advise. It is possible that they followed you because you are funny. I will share with you what I learned from Joyce Meyer. (Paraphrase) Whatever you did to get where you are, don’t stop doing. This goes for those platforms that start out writing nice blog posts, finding good things for their audience but once they grow, they don’t write anymore or are offering no value to those who followed them except endless hashtags, strike a balance. To that friend who I can’t mention, in addition to the use of hashtags, put in some original posts. Consider giving us something that’s from your heart and not just those hashtags. It will save you.

The other thing I want to address in this post, if it helps you is, find a different way of talking about the same thing. I know you are excited about the launch of the product, event, cause etc, but, you cannot wake up everyday and all you do is share with us your dates, venue and fee. Isn’t there something else to talk about? Can’t you ask yourself questions like, why is this happening right now, how relevant is it to those who follow you. If the cards were reversed and someone else was the one telling you about this thing, would you go?

I remember writing this somewhere some time back. You can never sell to anyone what they don’t want. You simply help them realize that they do need it or it is of value to them. Focus on the value. Sometimes it is merely inclusion that will sell.

I had one more thing to say but, I have decided against it because this may rub some people the wrong way. I know that this post title alone is capable of doing that. Let me not add salt to the injury.
I swear I had started writing a post about how I am going to to hit the gym for reasons well kept to myself and become a model and have dreadlocks. Of course, the last two decisions are untrue and I’d have spent the entire time telling you why I can’t do those things.
Tomorrow is another day.

Now let me re-read this post. Those things of sharing things with grammatical errors ain’t funny at all.


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