The Art Of Saying No To A Job Offer.

In a few hours, I will have a meeting, an interview. They are going to ask me to convince them that I am the best person to be their online content producer and director. Can I be honest with you, I have not taken any time to prepare because I have been preparing for the last three years for these kind of things. You cannot be working for two different platforms at the same time, give them the same quality of content and not pick a thing or two. Meanwhile, I even decided that on top of being a blogger, I needed some basics in journalism. I did this free online course for four weeks and came out feeling like, if I started a company to produce content, the mainstream ones would be in trouble.

Can I tell you something? I have come to the realization that what stand between any content producer and success is how much those asking for those services are willing to pay. I am trying to speak in broad terms because I have recently discovered that it is so hard to explain to the traditional mind what I do. How do you start? Mbu you do what?

You can’t exactly call it journalism. It is not public relations. It is not even just building brands or making necessary noise. It is a mixture of all the above and so much more. I am the only one who knows which skill needs to be fished out of hiding and for which purpose. Also, given the fact that, excluding ongoing jobs like the one I am about to take on, a lot of these things are seasonal.

So, what exactly is a person who studied Agriculture doing in a field like this? Let’s just say, the above is a perfect match for my life goals and the things that I am passionate about.

I told you that today I will be interviewed. I tell you, it is the other way round. I am going to interview them. I am going to judge how aware they are of how grand the task they are asking of me is. I am going to find out how enthusiastic they are about learning what works for them and what doesn’t. I am going to judge whether they are going to let me disorganize their brand and message before I put it together. I am going to try to find out how much they are willing to invest. And, if my involvement with them doesn’t give me the thrills, I will probably walk away and stay with these manageable tasks.

Doesn’t it feel good to be at liberty like this?

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