I Wrestled With A Preacher In My Dreams

I tell you, it all happened in my dream. I saw myself in a large auditorium and the preacher was saying we must give offerings in dollars only. “Give to the Lord in dollars and your blessing is certain,” I heard him say.  I assumed we were in Uganda because my current location is Uganda.

At first, I thought it was a joke. In the dream I asked myself why and how I had gone to this gathering of believers. I did not object to giving. Quite frankly, I was even will to give. It just struck me as odd that the minister insisted we gave in dollars. What was I to do? Run out of the service and go to the nearest Forex Bureau to have my shillings converted into dollars.

Upon his many loud pleas, I saw myself stand up in the congregation in protest. I spoke up loudly, “How can you insist that we give in dollars. Isn’t that unfair to us?” What followed is something that I do not quite understand. There was a change of location from an auditorium to an open field with people gathered. The preacher was dressed in his suit and I was there in my jeans and red T-shirt. I tell you, it all happened as I am describing.

He shouted at me angrily, “How dare you defy me? Do you know what I can do to you?” The clouds turned grey as if it was about to let the rains down. I half trembled. What had I gotten myself into? Why did I provoke the man of God? Isn’t there a scripture that prevents us from standing up to ministers? Was I just being disobedient? A thought trickled in, “This is your end.”

In that moment, I questioned my stand with Jesus Christ? Things could go two ways? One – I might have touched the anointed one of The Lord and now, I might face the repercussions. Or, this man is not a minister as he claims to be but a fake? This scared me more. I had gotten myself into a fight with an agent of the wicked one.

The clouds were moving as if stirred by a whirlwind and mist gathered. The crowd stood as if statues on the streets. Some were in disbelief. They did not know what was happening.

I looked to God. I prayed to The God who saved me. I called on his name to rescue me. I shut out all the distraction around me and rested in the power of God. The ground began to shake (I am just adding that ground-shaking to spice up the story.)The skies started clearing.

The minister realized that I was not alone. (Direct translation). He ordered me to shut up or be escorted by his security away from the scene. His security team was already moving towards me.

I was still protesting when I suddenly woke up. I promised to write this dream down and share on my blog. So there you go.

Give feedback by the way. Please share.


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