It is Good There Won’t Be Phat Fest 2015 (#UGBlogWeek 4/7)

I am writing this one for my largely Christian followers on Twitter. First of all, lest you think I wasn’t as enthusiastic about this year’s Phat Fest, here is a tweet I shared a few days back that got a number of you getting into the Phat Fest moods.

After attending so many Phat Fest events, I thought I would outgrow it. No. I have never ceased to enjoy this event. I enjoyed seeing Da T.R.U.T.H when he sung “Jesus Is For Everybody” within a stone throw away. I loved Mag 44 when he performed Vichani, even Pompi but my all-time best was Abel Chungu Musuka (who I also add is a good friend of mine.) We met in Nairobi during Afro Fest where, together with Mac Elvis (R.I.P), we represented Uganda.

I remember the time that there was a power, (as in Umeme) cut during Beth Mugisha’s performance. The most interesting thing happened, people sung all her songs without ‘kara.’ I even loved Emmanuel Jal until he sung about whites treating Africans like the Vagina. Oops, I wasn’t supposed to remember that. Sorry. If I decided to share all my memories, I would write too much and you and I won’t do any work today.

Phat Fest means memories. Very precious memories. Out of curiosity, I was waiting to see who or which kind of artiste (by genre) Phat Fest would bring this time around. I was however a bit too certain that Magic Mike was coming, not after the airplay his songs were given. I even suspected a Floroka would be in the list. But well, my expectations have to be brought down to a manageable level.
I see you guys who want to riot. I see you. But I think it is a good thing that there won’t be a Phat Fest this year.

I think IT IS GOOD ESPECIALLY FOR ME because it will allow me to miss it so much so that when it returns, I will have died of lust. Yes. Lust. Excessive desire for something. I know you guys think lust is to be used only with sex but you are wrong. The other reason why I think it good that Phat Fest won’t happen this year is, the whole rebranding reason that the Power Fm team has stated. It is always a good thing to take some time off to reflect, reposition oneself and launch into the deepest ends. I think the Phat Fest (or whatever it will be, if the name decides to change) will be so totally worth the wait. Of course, selfishly, it is easy to think about our immediate need for the event but, THINK ABOUT THE LONG-TERM.

It’s good there won’t be Phat Fest 2015. Unless there’s a twist. Who doesn’t want or pray for a plot twist….

I saw that statement here.


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