Written Past Midnight: Ten Sites/Blogs I Read On A Regular Basis.

I Wrote This When I had No Sleep (Pic from bloomberg.com)

It is 2:34 am and no attempt to fall asleep has been fruitful. I have done a lot of reading. I even signed up for another of those free online courses. I have also listened to the same song for over one hour. Today I told my friend that I am happy to be learning a lot. Well. Let me tell you the top ten sites and blogs I visit on a regular basis and the reasons why I do that. Please note that these are mostly entertainment sites in Uganda, East Africa and whole of Africa. Please note I am not arranging them in order of priority or anything. That would be like a job for when I write like the ‘serious’ blogger and today I don’t have that mantle.

1. Proggie.ug
So, I just like how this site looks. It has some the best reviews I have seen in Uganda. Meanwhile, I once wrote two articles for the site. It was an absolute honor. I usually also love checking out which events will take place where, and when.

2. BigeEye.ug
They are an entertainment site that does a lot of gossip. I find that their scouting for celebrity news is just interesting. Of course I read some of their articles too, especially those on the direction the industry is taking. They did a review of my Amari Yesu.

3. Ghafla.co.ke
These Kenyan brothers are ruthless. Sometimes I die of laughter when I see their titles. They take celebrity gossip to a place so high. I read their articles about Gospel artists and I don’t take any of it as Gospel truth. Some of their music industry related articles are also quite amazing.

4. WeMix Ent
First things first. These brothers are blood. Because they are Uganda’s pioneer Christian website providing free downloads, music streaming, reviews and so much more, they are my favorite. I may just add that I occasionally write a few topical articles for the site.

5. UgGospelLife Blog
The first blog that makes it to my list. Well, lets just say I know the creative human being behind this one a little too well. Many feel the passion to promote Christian content through this medium. Events/Lifestyle/Entertainment/Reviews/News and many more things.

6. Niaje.com
Another blogging site. This is a Kenyan blog. I also find the way they tell their stories very interesting. Let’s just say I read their content because it is very diverse.

7. ulizalinks.co.ke
I think this is the only Christian content marketing site from Kenya that I know of. I don’t remember exactly how I got to find them. All I know is that I woke up one day and I realized they were there.

8. Howwe.biz
Recently, it occurred to me that whenever I was searching for audio/mp3 downloads from Google, I got them from this site. So, I also go visit the site on a regular. Meanwhile, I was honored to be featured by this site especially after the release of my Amari Yesu song.

9. Selahafrik.com
This one I like for their blog feel and the fact that it is one of those simple but very beautiful sites. I have checked out a few sites that share Christian content in Africa and they look quite plain in my opinion.

10. Riftlyrics.com
Well. This is quite obvious. This is the only site in Uganda that I know is almost entirely dedicated to providing lyrics.

Check out
theroyalsug.wordpress.com <—I blog here with some friends.
To know why I read material from these sites, you need to know the digital journalist Benjamin. I find the way news and especially reviews/views/entertainment/criticism and any of the things these sites/blogs do very interesting.

My writing is done. It has been done for the last 20 minutes and I just came back here to tell all of you I am still listening to the same song.

By the way, what are your thoughts about what I have written above?



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